Seven Fabulist Comedies


Three plays based on classic commedia dell’arte, two solo shows, one urban fantasy, and a surreal black comedy. All produced with success. All crazy, all real.

An ensemble-created commedia: desert island, confused couples, magical spells, fierce desires.

Adaptation of Carlo Gozzi’s Venetian fantasy The King Stag: ambition and shifting identies.

The Green Bird
Another Gozzi adaptation: tyranny & post-modern ethics meet the force of love.

A strait-laced investment broker takes the first tiny risk of his life and rides the changes.

Le Cabaret de Camille
A solo show: finding the show that’s the Real You.

Dream House
Another solo show: a clown builds her dream house, with the help of her seven sisters.

The Shadow Saver
A play about a doctor, his marriage, his patients, and his dreams.

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