You may be among the multitude who await our weekly blog posts, wondering at our missing a post this past week. No, we haven’t fled the country or run out of words. We’ve been renovating.

You’ll notice that has new features. Besides the weekly blog, you can now read about our books and DVDs on separate pages, order them through PayPal, and keep up with our live events. We’ve also posted the full texts of the short stories we’ve published in the past. And on the Follow page, you can subscribe to get email notice of new posts and other links.

For those with narrow screens, as with smartphones, etc., you’ll need to click the little three-line menu (which I’m told is called a “hamburger”) to address the new features.

Of course we’re continuing our massive website for our theatrical work, but the new is intended to profile our fiction writing and our WordWorkers library.

Next post at the start of the week.

Peace & joy—

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