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Some news that got in the news but didn’t make it very far—

 * In New York, a peacock and a peahen escaped from the zoo. They caused a commotion but got caught and put back in jail.

* A man and woman in their 90’s got married. They’d been together 50 years. She didn’t like him at first.

* A guy got shot but he’s okay.

* A woman wrote a book about knishes but she does other stuff too.

* A candy company is making beer-flavored lollipops. Also bacon-flavored. Also breast-milk-flavored. This is true. They might even be selling them.

* You won’t get drunk if you eat a lot of yeast with your booze, but you won’t like what happens.

* A bunch of celebrities are getting old.

* A town in Australia has a lot of marijuana.

* A man threw a bicycle at a woman, but she got in the car and left.

* Another man was reported to be lying on a sidewalk with his belly bare.

* A porta-potty burned to the ground.

 And what didn’t get in the news—

* Some people were going to do something really mean, but had second thoughts.

* A gun that somebody tried to shoot, didn’t.

* The sunset looked like the sky was on fire or somebody dropped the bomb, but it was just the sunset.

* The peacock is still thinking about it.

* * *

[The voices of Bishop & Fuller will return next week.  They have just returned from an alternate reality.]


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